How to prepare for CLAT 2018 in one month by TIME expert

How to prepare for CLAT 2018 in one month
– With May 13 marked as D-Day, CLAT 2018 aspirants are gearing up to give it their best shot in the final month of preparation for the national level law entrance exam. Careers360 brings you yet another advisory, from the CLAT prep series, with an objective to help law aspirants like you in preparing for CLAT 2018 in one month. Amit Poddar, Senior Regional Head, T.I.M.E. suggests few pointers on what to study and how to prepare for CLAT in one month.

The T.I.M.E. expert speaks to Careers360 about the CLAT preparation strategy for last month. Read the CLAT 2018 expert interview to get an overview of the subjects, their topics and what’s required for the Common Law Admission Test.
Careers360: With almost 30 days remaining, what should be the focus of CLAT aspirants now?

Amit Poddar: The CLAT 2018 aspirants now need to focus on time management and attempt accuracy. When it comes to attempting 200 questions in 200 minutes in an online exam, time management is the most crucial point which should be taken care of. The candidates should strategize their attempt plan in accordance with the subjects. The CLAT aspirants should attempt the questions section-wise depending upon their question-type. However, the strategy of each test taker will vary. The candidates should now move onto taking mock tests. With each mock test, they can improve. Attempting questions in a mock test will help them in getting an overview of the real-exam format, provided they take it, seriously.

Admissions Open Now
Admissions OPEN for Batch 2018 @ Manipal University Jaipur

Careers360: Which section should a CLAT taker attempt first? How would it impact the CLAT score?
Amit Poddar: As suggested earlier, the CLAT taker is the best person to choose the section which needs to be attempted first. It will depend on their grip over the subject and topics of CLAT online paper. Say for example, if you choose to attempt the GK section first, it’s assumed that you are well versed with the current affairs and static General Question questions. This will help in solving the questions easily and correctly in less time. This saves time as well as help scoring more.

Careers360: Can you suggest CLAT aspirants with the question-solving strategy for GK and Legal Aptitude sections?
Amit Poddar: The silver lining is the GK questions where a CLAT taker can at least go through the 50 GK questions in just 10-15 minutes. Moreover, if CLAT repeats the last year’s trend then there may be 15-16 Legal Maxim questions and Foreign Words in Legal Aptitude section as well. This means around 60-70 questions can be done in around 20 minutes. The candidate’s reading speed will be the key, which may save a lot of time. This time saved can be used in other sections.

Careers360: A lot of candidates fear Mathematics questions. What is your advice for such CLAT aspirants?
Amit Poddar: With the name 'Elementary Mathematics and Numerical Ability’, the questions of this section is justified. It’ll be a big mistake not to attempt the section in the CLAT 2018. With the basic knowledge of Mathematics, one can easily attempt all the 20 questions and attempt them with 100 percent accuracy. This can definitely increase the overall score and help a CLAT taker clear the overall CLAT cutoff.

Careers360: It’s well noticed that the exam takers are worried about cut-offs, even before the exam. Do you have anything to suggest on this?
Amit Poddar: What I can suggest to the CLAT aspirants on this is not to have any pre-conceived notions. The CLAT 2018 paper will be more or less same for each test taker. The aspirants are in the same boat, so one need not be very happy if the paper is easy and one need not be very sad if the paper is tough. The cut-offs are supposed to be higher if the paper is easy and vice versa. So, the candidate should not think of cut-off well before the exam, at least, while they should completely focus on preparing for the exam. Further, I would suggest them not to think of the number of attempts before attempting at the paper. The number of attempts would go down by the whole group if the paper is tough thereby reducing the cut-offs. This can ease out the exam pressure and would result in sensible attempts rather than making wild guesses and end up scoring less.

Careers360: How can leaving out questions help in scoring more?
Amit Poddar: This is tricky. This may sound strange but indeed by leaving out questions, you may score more. Going through all the questions is of utmost importance and doing that will definitely mean leaving questions where you are not sure of. You should first attempt the questions where you are sure of and leave questions which are out of your ability. Eliminate options smartly and choose the best among the given options. Have an eye to identifying the easy questions, moderate and then difficult ones. The questions and the answers are right in front of you. Be smart! The only way to develop this knack is to attempt a lot of mocks before the actual exam. While you leave the sceptical questions, you are saved from the negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong attempt. Therefore, you may score more than others who attempt and bear the consequences.

Careers360: What will you advise the CLAT 2018 takers on time management while attempting the questions?
Amit Poddar: Sometimes, the candidates may be halfway a passage or stuck with a reasoning question and not able to understand the head or tail of it. This is when you need to listen to your mind and not your heart. The heart may ask you to spend some more time on it and the brain would ask you to leave the sinking ship. So, be flexible enough to move on and look at the undone questions rather than wasting the precious time and gathering negative marks.

All the Best!

First Published On : 03 Apr 2018 02:59 PM IST

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Riddhi Bhosale 10 hours ago

Riddhi Bhosales picture
Riddhi BhosaleLast Seen: 8 hours 6 min agoJoined on: 22-Jul-2018Education Interest: LawEducation Level: Graduate & Above

I have appeared for CLAT 3 year llb course, I scored 93 marks open category, are there any chances of getting into GLC, Mumbai?

Answers (4)

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Apratim Chatterjees picture
Apratim ChatterjeeLast Seen: 5 hours 50 min agoJoined on: 21-Aug-2013Education Interest: Other PG CourseEducation Level: Graduate & Above
Dear Riddhi Bhosale, It seems you’re confused between the two examinations – CLAT and MH CET LLB. Let me first clear that out, before I answer your query. You said that you appeared for CLAT whi...Read More

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AISHANEE GHATAK 11 hours ago

AISHANEE GHATAKLast Seen: 11 hours 23 min agoJoined on: 22-Jul-2018Education Interest: LawEducation Level: In Graduation

Sir, i passed hs this year and now i am reading ba hons 1st year.can i eligible for clat examination 2019?

Answers (4)

User Pic
Apratim Chatterjees picture
Apratim ChatterjeeLast Seen: 5 hours 50 min agoJoined on: 21-Aug-2013Education Interest: Other PG CourseEducation Level: Graduate & Above
Dear Aishanee Ghatak, Felt good to receive your query. You know why? Whenever, I find law aspirants like you posting questions related to law entrance examinations, be it for five-year integrated or ...Read More

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Aditya kumar 15 hours ago

Aditya kumars picture
Aditya KumarLast Seen: 1 min 6 sec agoJoined on: 22-Jul-2018Education Interest: LawEducation Level: Class 11

After 10th I m pursuing 2nd yr. polytechnic diploma in civil engineering of 3 yrs course , can I appear in CLAT for 2020 ? Is diploma=12th

Answers (2)


Gunjan verma 15 hours ago

Gunjan vermas picture
Gunjan VermaLast Seen: 12 hours 10 min agoJoined on: 17-May-2018Education Interest: Media and JournalismEducation Level: In Graduation
Dear Aditya,Yes, you appear in CLAT for 3 year LLLB course after civil engineering. And diploma is not 12th. It's a specialization course in a particular subject. There's an undergraduate diploma...Read More

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Yazhini.S 19 hours ago

Yazhini.Ss picture
Yazhini.SLast Seen: 18 hours 13 min agoJoined on: 03-Mar-2017Education Interest: LawEducation Level: In Graduation

I Am doing LLM now through CLAT only. If i want to recruit in PSU's whether i have to appear for CLAT PG 2019 again ?

Answers (2)

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Deepjyoti Chowdhurys picture
Deepjyoti ChowdhuryLast Seen: 1 hour 18 min agoJoined on: 15-May-2018Education Interest: ManagementEducation Level: In Graduation

Hi Yazhini,

I guess you have to appear for CLAT PG 2019 once again. The validity of the score is for a year, if you want to appear elsewhere, you would be required to do it again.

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Swantan Swain 23 hours ago

Swantan Swains picture
Swantan SwainLast Seen: 23 hours 20 min agoJoined on: 24-Apr-2018Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: Class 11

What is the total no. of seats available in all NLUs ?

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parkhi Gupta 22 hours ago

parkhi Guptas picture
Parkhi GuptaLast Seen: 5 min 6 sec agoJoined on: 18-May-2018Education Interest: Degree ProgrammesEducation Level: In Graduation
Dear student, I would like to tell you that the number of seats vary from one NLU to another. In general each NLU has approximately 120-150 seats in the LLB course. For LLM they have something around ...Read More

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