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CLAT PG Mock Test 2025 PDF - Know How to Attempt CLAT Mock Test

CLAT PG Mock Test 2025 PDF - Know How to Attempt CLAT Mock Test

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The CLAT PG mock tests 2025 are highly beneficial for several reasons as they play a crucial role in your preparation and can significantly enhance your chances of success in the actual exam. The CLAT mock tests replicate the format and structure of the main CLAT PG exam 2025, helping you become comfortable with the types of questions, sections and time constraints. Thereafter, practising these mock tests helps you learn to allocate time effectively across different sections and questions. It also aids in analysing your performance in the mock tests and allows you to identify areas where you excel and topics that need more attention.

Further, for effective CLAT PG 2025 preparation, practice under timed conditions helps in improving your speed in answering questions without compromising on accuracy. The consistent practice serves as a comprehensive revision tool, reinforcing your understanding of key concepts and legal principles and exposing you to a wide range of questions, including different levels of difficulty and various topics, enhancing your problem-solving skills and adaptability. Moreover, benchmark your performance by comparing your previous and current scores over multiple mock tests and make a detailed analysis of your mistakes and strengths.

Therefore, CLAT PG mock tests are a must because they create an actual exam environment, providing crucial practice under timed conditions. They help you acknowledge yourself with the CLAT PG exam pattern 2025, and types of questions and deal with situations like time constraints, which can significantly reduce anxiety issues on the exam day. So, appearing for mock tests regularly will give you crystal-clear clarity and security of your command in your preparation. Additionally, it’ll provide you valuable insights into your practice and progress, guiding your study plan for optimal results.

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Given below is the link to the CLAT PG 2025 mock test free. Students can download it through that link and can ace their CLAT PG 2025 preparation.

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But before attempting the CLAT LLM mock test 2025, let's first have a brief look at how to attempt the CLAT PG mock test 2025.

How to attempt the CLAT PG 2025 Mock Test

  • Approaching a CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) mock test effectively involves several strategies to ensure that you maximise your performance and identify areas for improvement. Therefore, below mentioned are some tips and techniques that may help you in approaching mocks.

  • The CLAT PG exam consists of comprehension-based questions focusing on legal principles, statutes and landmark judgements. So, familiarize yourself with the type of questions, the marking scheme and the time constraints.

  • Simulate your exam conditions by taking mocks in a quiet environment, free from any distractions and disturbances so that you can focus peculiarly on the test. Stick to the allotted time to build your speed and accuracy under timed conditions.

  • Review the syllabus and the study material by ensuring you have thoroughly covered the CLAT PG syllabus, including recent case laws, important statutes and legal principles. You may use standard reference CLAT PG books 2025 and other study material.

  • Time management is the most significant way to adhere to mocks. So, allocate time to each section of the mock test and avoid spending too much time on any single question and if you’re stuck, move on and come back to it later if time permits.

  • Focus on accuracy. You must read questions carefully to understand what is asked before answering and avoid guesswork, especially because there is negative marking.

  • Analyse your performance after the mocks are completed. You must review your answers identify questions you got wrong and understand the reason behind your mistakes. Go back to basics if you feel that you lack conceptual clarity and focus on understanding your mistakes and learning from them.

  • Improvement in the weak areas. You shall pay extra attention to the topics or types of questions where you performed poorly revise these areas and practice similar questions to build your confidence and boost your preparation.

  • Regular practice is very necessary. Make mock tests a regular part of your preparation. Also, consistent practice helps in retaining information and improving problem-solving speed.

  • Lastly keep abreast of recent legal developments, important amendments and landmark judgements as these are often tested in the exam.

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General Strategy to Solve CLAT PG Mock Test 2025

Avoid Negative Markings

While taking CLAT PG mock tests focus on accuracy over speed. Carefully read each question and the provided options to ensure a clear understanding before answering. If uncertain about an answer, it's better to skip the question or make an educated guess rather than risk a random choice. Also, consistently practising this approach during mocks will help develop a balanced strategy, minimizing errors and maximizing your score.

Avoid Repeating Mistakes

Start by thoroughly reviewing each mock test to identify and understand the errors made and know the root cause of each mistake, whether it’s a conceptual misunderstanding, a careless error or a time management issue. Then, take detailed notes on these insights and revisit the relevant study material to reinforce your understanding. Regularly practice CLAT PG sample papers or previous years' question papers, and maintain a checklist of common pitfalls to watch out for in future tests.

Time Management For CLAT PG Mock Test 2025

  • Indulge in actively learning from the errors and incorporating corrective measures into your study routine so that you can significantly reduce the likelihood of repeating mistakes.
  • Time management during exams requires a strategic approach. So, begin by allocating specific time limits for each section based on their weight and difficulty.
  • Practice pacing yourself in mock tests to ensure you can complete all questions within the given time frame. Additionally, prioritize answering easier questions first to secure quick points, and return to more challenging ones with any remaining time, thus maximising your overall score.
  • The number of mocks to solve in a day depends on your study schedule and your ability to effectively analyse and learn from each test.
  • If given an option, go for quality over quantity and generally, one mock test per day is ideal, allowing you ample time to thoroughly review your performance, understand mistakes and reinforce learning.
  • If time permits further, you can gradually increase to two mocks per day, ensuring that you maintain the quality and standard of your preparation and don’t let it degrade just for the sake of increasing the number of mock tests to appear.


It can be stated that approaching a CLAT PG mock test with a well-planned strategy is essential for success. And, by including the above-mentioned strategy and approach for the exam, you can enhance your strengths and address your weaknesses. Analyse your mocks thoroughly and build confidence by improving your accuracy. Ultimately, these steps will help you maximize your potential and perform at your best in the actual exam.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How many mock tests should I attempt before the CLAT PG exam?

It is recommended to attempt as many CLAT PG mock tests as possible. Regularly attempting the CLAT mock test will help thoroughly simulate the exam conditions and will help students in smooth preparation.

2. While attempting CLA PG Mock Tests, what should be focussed more, speed or accuracy?

In the CLAT PG exam, speed and accuracy both play an important role. However, out of both accuracy should be prioritised over speed because it is better to answer a few questions correctly rather than attempting a large number of questions and risking negative marks.

3. How to identify strong and weak areas after attempting the CLAT PG mock test?

Revise all the answers. Focus on those questions that you have either skipped or got incorrect. Revise those particular topics again and attempt again in the next mock test.

4. Is giving early CLAT PG mock tests helpful?

Yes, giving early mock tests can be helpful since it can help students to gauge exam patterns, the types of questions asked in the exam and the difficulty level of the exam. It gradually helps in building confidence and scoring good marks in the examination. 

5. How to manage time while attempting the CLAT PG mock test?

While attempting the CLAT PG mock tests, allocate specific time for each section. Complete the easiest section first. Skip those questions which seem difficult or take too much time. Ensure that you have completed all the sections within the allotted time. Attempt the difficult questions in the remaining time.


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Questions related to CLAT PG

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APSCHE has notified the AP LAWCET 2024 exam date. AP LAWCET 2024 will be conducted on June 9, 2024. APSCHE will issue the detailed AP LAWCET 2024 notification soon on its official website. Interested candidates would be able to apply online and appear for AP LAWCET 2024.

The authorities will conduct Andhra Pradesh Law Common Entrance Test to admit students into 3-year LLB and 5-year LLB programmes of participating colleges in Andhra Pradesh. The AP LAWCET 2024 exam will be held in offline mode in English and Telugu versions.

Candidates desirous of appearing for AP LAWCET 2024 must keep track of the dates. It must be noted that all the dates are tentative and will be updated upon release of official AP LAWCET 2024 notification.

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CLAT CUT OFF changes every year. For NLU Kolkata BA LLB and LLM programs it will depend on several factors like -

Number of candidates for CLAT 2023

Number of candidates preferring NLU Kolkata during counselling

Number of places offered by the university in BA LLB and LLM programmes

University Reservation Policy

Category of candidates



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Practicing with past year's question papers provides an authentic exam experience, replicating conditions like time constraints and performance pressure. It serves as a crucial method to evaluate the candidate's preparedness level.

Please refer this link to download the model question paper for clat pg 2023:

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You have to appear in the exam of CLAT through the official website of clat exam. The last date of CLAT 2023 is 8december 2022. You have to apply inthe link given in the website.If you have 45% marks in class 12with any group of subjects you can apply for appearing in CLAT exam.Thre is 150auestionfir UG CLAT exam.Time duration is 2hrs.1narjs for each correct answer and 0.25,marks is deducted for wrong answers Total marks is 150 for ug clat exam.Admit card should be download from the link for CLAT exam.
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The official notification regarding the conduction of CLAT 2023 has been released today, 8th August, 2022.

The notification stated that the deadline for submitting the CLAT application form 2023 is November 13, 2022.

CLAT 2023 will be held in offline mode on December 18, 2022.

Hope this answers your query.

Regarding the updates related to CLAT, you should follow the link below to stay updated about CLAT schedule, results, syllabus and question papers-

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