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CLAT PG Contract Law 2025 - Preparation Tips, Topics, Books

CLAT PG Contract Law 2025 - Preparation Tips, Topics, Books

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Contract Law is an important subject or area of study for the CLAT PG exam because it is a fundamental subject in legal education and practice. It forms the basis for understanding more complex areas of law such as Commercial Law, Corporate Law and International Trade Law. The principles of contract law are applicable in a wide range of legal scenarios, including business transactions, employment agreements and personal service agreements. Therefore, understanding these principles is crucial for any legal professional.

Contract law cases often involve intricate legal reasoning and analysis. It also helps in developing critical and analytical skills. It acts as a rich body of judicial precedents and increases a candidate’s ability to interpret and apply these principles accurately. Hence, a foundational subject like contract law is very essential for getting successful in the CLAT 2025 entrance examination.

How To Prepare For Contract Law For CLAT PG 2025

  1. Review the Syllabus: It is very important to understand the CLAT PG syllabus thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the CLAT exam pattern, including the types of questions (multiple-choice questions and comprehension-based questions), marking scheme and time allocation techniques.
  2. Study plan: The second and most important thing is planning. You must plan your studies and allocate specific time slots for each topic, ensuring that you cover the entire course systematically. Start with the topic-wise preparation so that every aspect of it is completely studied.
  3. Notes and summaries: You must prepare concise notes by highlighting the key points, definitions, concepts and important sections. Make use of flowcharts and diagrams to understand complex concepts and their interrelations.
  4. Practice and revision: The candidate must solve CLAT previous years' question papers to get a sense of the question pattern and difficulty level. Take regular mock tests to know your preparation and improve your time management skills. The notes that you make while studying are the best resource for your revision.
  5. Case Laws: It is very crucial to understand that case laws act as a supporting weapon to your answer writing and therefore study and memorize key judgements that have shaped contract law in India. Then, practice writing answers where you can apply case laws to hypothetical situations.
  6. Clarity: When you study the entire syllabus, make sure that you have a clear understanding of fundamental concepts. You must make sure that all your doubts and queries are clarified. Engage yourself in self-questioning and answering techniques that’ll help you to retain your knowledge.
  7. Stay Updated: Lastly, stay updated about recent contractual developments that might be asked of you in the form of Legal Current Affairs
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List of Important Topics for CLAT PG Contract Law

The preparation for contract law should be done in a very detailed and peculiar manner because it is very vast and it is also considered as the mother of all subjects. So, to make your preparation easier and more interesting, here is a typical breakdown of CLAT PG Contract Law topics for an effective and smooth way of studying.

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• General Principles of Contract

• Offer and Acceptance

• Consideration

• Capacity to Contract

• Free Consent

• Legality of Object and Consideration

• Void Agreements

• Contingent Contracts

• Performance of Contracts

• Discharge of Contracts

• Remedies for Breach of Contract

• Special Contracts

• Contract of Indemnity and Guarantee

• Contract of Bailment and Pledge

• Contract of Agency

Time Management to study CLAT PG Contract Law

According to the bifurcation as mentioned earlier, design an appropriate timetable with proper time allocation estimated for every topic individually. The time required for each chapter might be based on its difficulty level and complexity. Hence, divide time frames according to your feasibility. Further to make it more simplified, try making weekly schedules, this will ensure optimum utilization of your monthly preparation without wastage of time and effort.

1. Offer and Acceptance – 2 days

The offer and acceptance are the base of the contract law subject. The candidate must specifically focus on the nature of the offer as a legally binding agreement, communication and revocation of offer which means that both must be duly communicated to the concerned authority and lastly focus on the acceptance and its rules wherein you must study the conditions related to the acceptance of a proposal.

2. Consideration – 2 days

Consideration is defined under Section 2(d) of the Indian Contract Act, of 1872. The essential conditions of considerations must be studied peculiarly. Then, focus on the doctrine of privity of contract and exceptions to the consideration.

3. Capacity to Contract – 1 day

In the capacity to contract, you must primarily focus on who can enter into a contract or the parties competent to contract. Further, pay attention to classifications such as, minors, persons of unsound mind and disqualified persons.

4. Free consent – 1 day

Under the ambit of free consent, you must majorly study, coercion, undue influence, misinterpretation, fraud and mistake. Study all these elements of free consent in a detailed manner along with case laws and exceptions.

5. Legality of Object and Consideration – 1 day

Furthermore, study the lawful and unlawful objects along with the definition and types of void agreements. Prioritize focusing on examples of agreements, agreements with unlawful objects and agreements that are inherently uncertain or impossible to perform.

6. Contingent contracts – 1 day

Contingent contracts are agreements that depend on the occurrence or non-occurrence of future uncertain events. They are enforceable only when the specified event happens or fails to happen, as stipulated in section 31 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872. If the event becomes impossible, the contingent contract becomes void.

7. Performance of Contracts – 2 days

The performance of the contract must be precise as per the terms agreed upon by the parties. The promisor must perform their obligation at the time and place specified, or within a reasonable time if none is specified, ensuring all conditions are met to the satisfaction of the promise. In the case of joint promises, all promisors are jointly liable for the performance of the contract unless the contract specifies otherwise.

8. Discharge of Contracts – 1 day

The contracts can be discharged through performance, mutual agreement, impossibility of performance, operation of law or breach. The discharge of contracts has majorly these elements to be ensured, that is by performance, agreement, impossibility and breach.

9. Remedies for Breach of Contract and Special Contracts – 2 days

The damages its types and measures of damages must be studied in detail. Further, focus on specific performance and injunctions that are required to enforce contractual obligations. Thirdly study quantum meruit, its meaning and scope as to how it is relevant to breach of contract and damages.

10. Contract of Indemnity and Guarantee – 2 days

The contract of indemnity and guarantee are the two types of contracts that involve a lot of technicalities. However, you may focus on the nature and definition of indemnity and guarantee along with the rights and duties (contractual obligations) of an indemnifier, indemnified, surety and principal debtor.

11. Contract of Bailment and Pledge – 2 days

The contract of bailment and pledges are also the two types of contracts that involve a lot of technicalities. You must in detail read about the definition and nature of bailment and pledge along with the rights and duties (contractual obligations) of a bailor, bailee, pledgor and pledgee.

12. Contract of agency – 2 days

In the contract of agency, pay attention to the nature and types of agencies, rights and duties with detailed reference to the situations leading to the creation and termination of the agency.

General Tips to Study Contract Law for CLAT PG 2025

The overall general strategy to study Contract Law for CLAT PG 2025 includes prioritizing difficult topics along with the consistency in study routine. In addition, take regular breaks during study sessions and practice solving questions and improving from them.and lastly, stay updated and keep track of new amendments and developments. Moreover, by following this structured approach and distributing your time effectively, you can ensure comprehensive coverage and thorough revision of all important contract law topics for the CLAT PG exam.

CLAT PG Contract Law Books

For effective preparation, the most crucial step would be gathering the study materials, especially well-regarded CLAT PG books such as:

• “Contract Law” by Mulla.

• “Law of Contract” by Avtar Singh.

Then, you may also understand the language of the bare act and keep it handy so that you may refer to it whenever you are stuck or have a doubt.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is an offer in contract law?

An offer is a proposal by one party to another to enter into a legally binding agreement. It must be communicated to the offeree, and the terms must be certain and definite.

2. What is a consideration in a contract?

A consideration is something of value exchanged between parties of a contract. It can be an act, forbearance or a promise and is essential for a contract to be enforceable. 

3. Who is competent to contract?

According to the Indian Contract Act of 1872, a person having the age of maturity, sound mind and is not disqualified from contracting by any law is referred to as competent to contract.

4. What are contingent contracts?

A contingent contract is where the performance depends on the occurrence or non-occurrence of an uncertain future event.

5. What are the essentials of a valid contract?

The essentials include an offer and acceptance, and intention to create legal relations. Lawful consideration, capacity of parties, free consent, lawful object and certainty and possibility of performance.


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