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CLAT Sample PapersCLAT Sample Papers 2017 – Law aspirants like you who are appearing for Common Law Admission Test this year may be searching for sample papers for CLAT 2017. Careers360 brings you CLAT 2017 sample papers. The CLAT sample papers are basically a set of official question papers of the previously held NLU administered law entrance examinations. Careers360 here helps the CLAT aspirants with a sample paper store which serves as a CLAT question paper bank of last years, including 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013. Candidates here can also get solved sample papers of CLAT. Next, there are also some of CLAT question papers (sample papers) with their respective official answer keys. Above all, candidates will need not to spend a single paisa on accessing these CLAT sample papers as they can download these question papers by just clicking on a link below in this page.

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CLAT 2017 dates to remember


Admit Card Date – April 20, 2017

Exam Date – May 14, 2017

Result Date – May 29, 2017

CLAT Sample Papers 2017: Important instructions

  1. CLAT Sample Papers 2017 are available online.

  2. Candidates can download the sample papers of CLAT through the link available here.

  3. The CLAT question papers available in Careers360 sample paper store can be accessed free of cost.

  4. CLAT 2017 sample papers will help you in preparing for the NLU administered law admission test.

  5. CLAT sample papers 2017 are the last years’ official question papers.

  6. These question papers (sample papers) of CLAT 2017 also have answer keys with them which cab further help aspirants like you in checking the answers marked by you.

  7. In this way, CLAT aspirants like you can also gauge their preparation level for the May 14th common law admission test.

Prepared for CLAT 2017?

Analyse your examination preparation level by using CLAT Prepmeter!

Why do you need CLAT sample papers?

CLAT Sample Papers are the handiest and easily available online question paper bank which can be used by law aspirants to solve questions while preparing for the NLUs’ law entrance examination. Moreover, you need not to spend money for getting these official question papers of CLAT as Careers360 is helping you by giving access to these question paper bank free of cost.


How are CLAT sample papers useful?

CLAT sample papers can help you in numerous ways. No need to count the benefits of sample papers for CLAT 2017 as firstly you can have your hands on the official CLAT question papers which are obviously available in the market but you need to pay a good price for them. Secondly, with these CLAT sample papers you can solve the question papers, as many times as you like, once you have downloaded them. Thirdly, the CLAT 2017 sample papers also have answer keys and solution paper with them which you can refer to, if having problem during solving questions from the sample papers of the law admission test.


How to download CLAT Sample Papers?

  1. Click on the link of CLAT Sample Papers.

  2. Enter your login details including user id/ login id and password.

  3. Explore the Careers360 sample paper store for the official question papers of CLAT.

  4. Click on the CLAT sample paper.

  5. Click on ‘Download’ button.

  6. Start solving questions for CLAT 2017 preparation.

Candidates can download below CLAT 2016 Question Paper to do pratice for CLAT 2017:



CLAT Sample Paper – Click here to download previous year question papers (Solved/ With Answer Key) of Common Law Admission Test


How to begin preparation for CLAT 2017?

Law aspirants can begin their CLAT preparation by clearing their basic concepts on various sections of the law entrance exam and then moving onto solving questions related to each of the sections. Know more on Syllabus of CLAT 2017.


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