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CLAT Answer KeyCLAT Answer Key 2017 – Chanakya National Law University Patna has released final answer key of CLAT 2017 on May 25 in the individual login accounts of candidates. The notification regarding the revised CLAT 2017 Answer Key however was released only on May 26, more than twelve hours after it was originally scheduled to be released. The lack of an official update from CNLU Patna regarding release of CLAT Answer Key 2017 had confused many aspirants. CLAT 2017 official answer key issued online can be downloaded by the common law admission test takers after logging into their registered CLAT accounts. The NLU had earlier released the provisional answer key of CLAT 2017 on May 16. CLAT 2017 answer keys provide correct answers of the 14th May CLAT online questions. Candidates with the help of CLAT answer key 2017 can check total number of answers marked correctly in the national-level online entrance examination. The CLAT answer key not only mentions the official answers to the CLAT 2017 question paper but also the scores obtained by the CLAT test taker as per his/ her responses. The answer key of the CNLU Patna administered CLAT 2017 was thereby released in two phases. Between release of the provisional and final answer key of CLAT 2017, CNLU Patna facilitated candidates with an online representation system where they could file objections against the erroneous questions or/ and their answer options from May 17 to May 19, 2017. Once the CLAT committee and CNLU Patna had looked into the objections sent by test takers, the CLAT final answer key was released. Candidates can find below more information on CLAT answer key 2017.

LATEST - CLAT 2017 Result will be available soon

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Important Dates related to CLAT Answer Key 2017


CLAT 2017 events

Important Dates


Online examination

May 14, 2017


Uploading Provisional Answer Key

May 16, 2017 (Released)


Representation related to questions/ answers

May 17 – May 19, 2017


Uploading Final Answer Key

May 25, 2017 (Released)

How to download CLAT Answer Key 2017

  1. Click on the official link of CLAT answer key (mentioned below).

  2. Enter your login details including CLAT User id/ Registration Number and Date of Birth/ Password.

  3. Go to ‘CLAT Answer Key’ tab.

  4. Click on ‘Download’ button.

  5. Save a copy of the CLAT answer key pdf.

  6. Check the answer key of CLAT 2017.

LATEST - To download final answer key of CLAT 2017 - Click here Or Login into the given window below to download CLAT final answer key -


LATEST - To download provisional answer key of CLAT 2017 - Click here Or Login into the given window below to download CLAT provisional answer key -


Candidates can check below the official CLAT 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key -


CLAT Answer Key and CLAT Scores 2017


The candidates who appeared for CLAT 2017 can check the official answers to the May 14th question paper. Further, as per their responses in the downloaded CLAT answer-sheet, they can check their obtained scores. The CLAT 2017 scores as mentioned in the answer key or response sheet of CLAT is calculated on the CLAT score formula explained below in this page. The answer key of CLAT 2017 mentions the following details -

  1. Participant Id

  2. Participant Name

  3. Test Center Name

  4. Test Date

  5. Test Time

  6. Subject

  7. Marks Obtained

The candidates can also find below, the screen-shot of CLAT Answer Key details-



CLAT Answer Key: What response sheet mentions


Pointers of Answer Key



Participant id

It’s the identity number of CLAT test taker


Participant name

It’s the name of the CLAT test taker


Test centre name

It’s the name of the CLAT test centre


Test date

It’s the date on which CLAT was held


Test time

It’s the time between which CLAT was held



It’s the subject for which CLAT was held


Marks obtained

It’s the scores obtained by CLAT test taker as per his/ her responses in CLAT answer key


How to calculate scores using CLAT Answer Key 2017 


The answer key of CLAT 2017 is helpful for candidates to determine their expected scores of CLAT 2017. Candidates can check here paper pattern and marking scheme to estimate their marks for CLAT 2017 as mentioned below - 


Paper pattern of CLAT 2017 




Logical Reasoning



English Comprehension



Legal APtitutde



General Knowledge and Current Affairs



Elementry Mathematcsi






CLAT 2017: Marking Scheme


Answer Response

Marking Scheme


Correct answer



Incorrect answer



No response


Formula to estimate CLAT 2017 Score 

CLAT Scores = Total numbers of Correct options*1 - Total number of incorrect responses*0.25

For example -
Correct options = 175*1= 175
Incorrect options = 25*0.25 = 6.25

Therefore, CLAT Score- 175-6.25 = 168.75


CLAT Answer Key and Response Sheets: Instructions

  1. CLAT 2017 Official Answer Key has been uploaded online in pdf format along with test-takers’ CLAT 2017 response sheets.

  2. Candidates need to note that the answer key for CLAT 2017 will not be released by any of the leading coaching institutes, as the CNLU Patna administered law exam will be held online.

  3. Candidates can access their respective registered CLAT login accounts and find the official answer key of CLAT and their response sheets as uploaded by CNLU Patna.

  4. Candidates could check the CLAT provisional answer key by downloading it on May 16, 2017.

  5. If any question(s) were wrong or there were any discrepancies in the question paper, it has been notified in CLAT Official Answer Key and the response sheets.

  6. It was advised to go through the provisional answer key of CLAT and make representations for any of the question or answer options, if any between May 17 and May 19, 2017.

  7. After going through the process of amendments, CNLU Patna has uploaded final answer key of CLAT 2017 on May 25 but released notification on May 26, more than 12 hours after its scheduled time of 10 pm on May 25.

  8. As the CLAT 2017 final answer key (official) has now been released, no further communication will be entertained in this regard by the CLAT Committee or CNLU Patna.

Decoding CLAT Answer Key


Notion in CLAT Answer Key

Meaning of notion


Tick mark and Green Colour

Question is correctly answered


Wrong mark and Red Colour

Question is incorrectly answered

How is CLAT Answer Key (Official) helpful?

  1. CLAT Official Answer Key will help candidates in knowing the correct answers to the questions of common law admission test.

  2. The official answer key of CLAT 2017 will help in gauging exact number of correct answers.

  3. With the CLAT 2017 answer key, test takers can also analyse their performance by counting the number of questions marked incorrectly.

  4. Moreover, candidates can calculate their approximate marks in the common law admission test with the answer key of CLAT.

CLAT Provisional Answer Key 2017


CLAT 2017 provisional answer key is the primary answer key that helps candidates in knowing the tentative number of correct answers and that of incorrect answers. The provisional answer key of CLAT 2017 also helps the test takers in filing objections against the discrepant question (if any) and get them rectified before the CLAT results 2017 are announced.


CLAT Final Answer Key 2017


CLAT 2017 final answer key is the final and amended answer key released by the law entrance examination committee. The final answer key of CLAT 2017 helps candidates in knowing the final answers of the common law admission test questions. With the CLAT final answer key (official), candidates will be able to guess the tentative scores in the national-level law admission test.


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