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AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 Important Topics

AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 Important Topics

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Important topics for AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 - The Bar Council of India (BCI) will conduct the AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 exam on October 29, 2023 in both online and offline mode. The AIBE 18 exam 2023 is designed to assess the candidate's basic knowledge of legal subjects as well as their analytical ability. Therefore, knowing the AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 important topics will play a vital role in qualifying for the exam. According to the AIBE XVIII (18) syllabus there will questions form the topics such as constitutional law, code of civil procedure, criminal procedure code, evidence act, contract law, etc. Read the complete article to know about the important topics for AIBE XVIII (18) 2023, preparation tips and other related information.

AIBE 18 syllabus 2023

Candidates planning to appear in AIBE XVIII (18) exam should first

All India Bar Examination syllabus 2023

Sl No


No of Questions


Constitutional Law



I.P.C (Indian Penal Code)



Cr.P.C (Criminal Procedure Code)



C.P.C (Code of Civil Procedure)



Evidence Act



Alternative Dispute Redressal including Arbitration Act



Family Law



Public Interest Litigation



Administrative Law



Professional Ethics and Cases of Professional Misconduct under BCI rules



Company Law



Environmental Law



Cyber Law



Labour and Industrial Laws



Law of Tort, including Motor Vehicle Act and Consumer Protection Law



Law related to Taxation



Law of Contract, Specific Relief, Property Laws, Negotiable Instrument Act



Land Acquisition Act



Intellectual Property Laws




AIBE XVIII (18) important topics to study

Subject-wise important topics to study for AIBE 2023 are given below.

Important topics for constitutional law

A total of 10 questions are asked from this subject. The following are some of the essential topics under constitutional law.

  • Salient features of the Indian Constitution

  • Preamble and its feature

  • Fundamental rights

  • Legislative process

  • Judiciary

  • Directive principle of state policy

  • Union and the state government

  • Emergency powers

  • Federalism

AIBE XVIII(18) important topics for Indian penal code

Candidates can expect a maximum of eight questions on this topic. The questions are framed from the following topics in the AIBE exam.

  • General principles of crime

  • Principles of criminal liability

  • Criminal act by several persons or groups (Section 34-38)

  • Offenses affecting human body

  • Offences against property

  • Defamation

  • Criminal trespass

Code of criminal procedure important topics for AIBE XVIII (18) exam

In this section there will be around 10 multiple choice questions based on the topics mentioned below.

  • Definitions

  • Criminal courts and offices

  • Arrest

  • Maintenance of wives, children and parents

  • Trial

  • Plea bargaining

  • Appeals, reference and revision

  • Salient features of the Juvenile justice

  • Salient features of the probation of offenders act

  • Criminal rules and practice

Important topics for AIBE 18 code of civil procedure

A total of 10 questions will be asked from CPC in the exam. The following topics are covered under the AIBE syllabus:

  • Res judiciata and res subjudice

  • Difference between procedural law and substantive law

  • Suits in particular cases

  • Execution

  • Appearance and examination of parties such as discovery, inspection, and production of documents

  • Inherent power of court

  • Alternative dispute resolution

  • Appeal, reference, review and revision

Evidence Act important topics for AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 exam

The following sub-topics are covered under the AIBE syllabus of the evidence act.

  • Relevancy of facts

  • Admission, confession

  • Statement by persons who cannot be called as witnesses

  • Expert opinion

  • Oral and documentary evidence

  • Burden of proof

  • Estoppel

  • Privileged communications

  • Examination of witnesses

Important topics of alternative dispute redressal, including arbitration act

In the AIBE exam, a total of four questions will be asked on this topic. Some of the important topics that candidates should study before appearing in the exam are mentioned below

  • Different dispute resolution methods, such as inquisitorial and adversarial,

  • Arbitration, conciliation, negotiation, and mediation.

  • Creation of tribunal and appointment of arbitrators

  • Enforcement of awards

Family law important topics for AIBE XVIII exam 2023

There will be around eight multiple choice questions from this section. Below mentioned are some of the important topics of family law

  • Introduction, sources of Hindu law

  • Marriage and kinship

  • Hindu undivided family

  • Inheritance and succession

  • Law relating to Hindu minority and guardianship

AIBE XVIII (18) important topics for Public Interest Litigation(PIL)

In this section candidates can expect around four multiple choice questions form the below-mentioned topics

  • Concept of public interest litigation in India

  • Procedural law in the public interest litigation

  • Judicial activism to public interest litigation act

  • Role of judiciary

Administrative law important topics for AIBE exam 2023

Some of the important topics of administrative law for AIBE exam are mentioned below

  • Nature and scope of administrative law

  • Relation with constitutional law

  • The judicial power of administration

  • Judicial control of administrative actions

  • Corporations and public undertakings

AIBE XVIII (18) professional ethics and cases of professional misconduct under BCI rules important topics

The AIBE question paper will include four questions in this section. Candidates can refer to some of the important topics listed below.

  • The legal profession and its responsibilities,

  • Duty to the court

  • Selected major supreme court judgments,

  • Selected opinions of the Bar Council of India.

Company law important topics for AIBE 18 2023 exam

In this section there will be around two questions form the topics mentioned below

  • The companies act, 1956

  • AOA

  • Issue of shares

  • SEBI Act, 1992

  • FEMA Act, 1999

Important topics for AIBE 18 environmental law

This section will have around two questions in the AIBE exam. The essential topics under environmental law are mentioned below

  • International conventions in the development of environmental law

  • Environmental policy and law

  • International law and environmental protection

  • Prevention and control of pollution

  • Biological diversity and legal order

  • Environment protection act, 1986

AIBE XVIII (18) important topics - Cyber law

Candidate will have to solve two questions in this section. Some of the important topics for cyber law are given below

  • Fundamentals of cyberspace

  • Legal issues in cyber contract and IT act, 2000

  • UNCITRAL model on electronic commerce

  • Types of cyber crimes

  • Indian penal law and cyber crime

  • Penalities and offences under IT act

AIBE XVIII (18) labour and industrial laws important topics

In this section candidate will be given four questions form the topics given below

  • Introduction to law and industrial dispute act, 1947

  • Trade unions act 1926

  • Labour welfare legislations

  • Minimum wages act, 1948

Important topics for law of tort, including motor vehicle act and consumer protection law

Candidates can expect a maximum of five questions from this section. The following topics are covered under this topic:

  • The general condition of liability in tort

  • Justification of tort

  • Remedies and damages

  • Personal capacity

  • Consumer protection act, 1986

AIBE 18 important topics - Law related to taxation

A total of four questions are asked about taxation laws in the AIBE exam. Some of the important topics are given below

  • Direct taxes

  • Income tax act, 1961

  • Indirect taxes

  • Customs and duties

Important topics for AIBE 2023 land acquisition act

The topics covered under this topic include preliminary investigation, publication of the preliminary notification, payment of damages, declaration of intended acquisition, award by the collector, temporary occupation of land, and acquisition of land for companies, things determined while granting compensation.

AIBE XVIII (18) important topics - Intellectual property laws

The topic covered under the intellectual property law of AIBE exam 2023 include-

  • Introductory aspects

  • Patents

  • Trademarks

  • Geographical indications

  • Indian copyright law

AIBE 2023 law of contract, specific relief, property laws, negotiable instrument act

Candidates can expect a maximum of eight questions in this section. The important topics are mentioned below

  • Validity, discharge, and performance of contract law

  • Consideration and capacity

  • Validity, discharge and performance of contract

  • Remedies and quasi-contracts

  • Specific contract

  • Bailment and pledge

  • Doctrine of election

  • Mortgage of immovable property

  • Law relating to negotiable instruments act, 1881

Best books for AIBE exam 2023

Candidates preparing for AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 should refer to the best available books for preparation. They will need to clear their concepts using the AIBE recommended books. Some of the important books for the examination are given below for the reference of candidates

AIBE XVIII (18) best books for preparation

AIBE Books


Civil practice and procedure manual


Criminal manual


Other bare acts

Universal Law Publishing Co Pvt Ltd.

Constitution of India

Durga DasBasu

Company law andpPractice

AK Majumdar/Dr GK Kapoor

Civil procedure with limitation act

CK Takwani

Guide to all India Bar Examination


Sure success AIBE and JCJ

DV Rao

All India Bar Examination Guide

Shambhu Prasad Choudhary

The Constitution of India bare act


Public international law

VK Ahuja

Human rights

HO Agarwal

Law exam times

PK Pandey

AIBE Solved papers (2011-2021)

Lovedeep Bangia

AIBE previous years solved papers

Thakral Law Publications

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How many questions will be asked in AIBE XVIII (18) exam?

There will be around 100 multiple choice questions in the exam.

2. How many subjects are included in the AIBE syllabus 2023?

A total of 19 subjects are included in the AIBE syllabus 2023.

3. Which subjects hold maximum weightage in the AIBE 2023 exam?

The following subjects hold the maximum weightage of 10 marks in the AIBE exam - Constitutional law, criminal procedural code, and code of civil procedure.

4. Will there be negative marking in the AIBE XVIII (18) 2023 exam?

There is no negative marking in AIBE 2023 exam.


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