CLAT 2017: Last week preparation tips

CLAT Last week preparation tipsCLAT 2017 scheduled for May 14 is almost a week away from now. While candidates may have been busy studying all important topics, mugging up facts, memorizing formulae and clarifying doubts on basics, the time has now come to focus on giving it their best shot in the remaining two weeks to produce the desired results. Over 45,000 law aspirants will be appearing in the most important law entrance for five-year integrated LLB programmes and to outscore the majority of them will not be an easy task. A seat can be secured among the 2312 being offered across 18 National Law Universities (NLUs) through CLAT 2017, not by adopting an ordinary preparation plan rather a smart strategic one. So what’s your master plan for the remaining one week of CLAT preparation?

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Careers360 brings to you ‘How to prepare for CLAT 2017 in a week’, another important article from the preparation guide series to help you score better in the national level law exam by getting an edge over others. Experts and CLAT toppers advise on what you should do during the last week of the national-level law examination preparation.


The experts also suggest tips and tricks to answer different sections of CLAT 2017. Read below to find out the expert advice on taking the online test.

How should I prepare for CLAT in 7 days?

Experts strongly suggest that in the remaining seven days for CLAT, you should avoid starting any new topic. Harsh Gagrani, Director, LegalEdge Tutorials says, “If you begin any new topic that you haven’t till date, it will kill your precious time that would be better utilized in revising the old topics.” Harsh also says that a CLAT aspirant should try to solve as many questions from the previously held exams, in these seven days' time.


Another expert, Siddharth Dey of CLATapult says, “There is no reason to fret if you have prepared well in the last few months. You now need to keep track of the current events and revise what you had prepared in the preparatory months.”


Rajneesh Singh, CLAT mentor, says that once a candidate has clarity over concepts and is able to solve the questions, s/he must improve on time-management. He explains, “A law aspirant taking CLAT should be able to solve as many questions as possible in lesser time than others and for this s/he needs to practice with more set of questions.”


How important are mock tests for CLAT?

CLAT experts have advised aspirants to solve questions from different books and take online mock tests as the most sought after law entrance exam will be conducted in online mode. Rajneesh Singh says, “In the preparatory phase of CLAT, taking mock tests under perfect exam conditions is the last task. Mock tests are quite important as they help you in a number of ways including improving question solving time.”


Harsh Gagrani says that the mock tests provide real analysis of the preparation level of an aspirant. He says, “A candidate should never ignore the mistakes done while taking mock tests and avoid repeating the same next time, as they take a large number of mock tests before sitting for the actual Common Law Admission Test.”

Rajendra Khadav, Director of CrackCLAT says, “CLAT mock tests play a big role in getting aspirants accustomed to the online mode. These tests also help candidates in improving their thinking and reacting capability in the stipulated time. But candidates should not restrict themselves to just a few tests.”


How many mock tests do I need to take in last 7 days of CLAT?

While it comes to number of mock tests, different experts have different say. However they all advise taking a large number of tests. While Siddharth Dey suggests taking two mock tests every day for the next seven days numbering to 12-14 mock tests in total, Harsh Gagrani says, “Atleast one daily full length mock test of CLAT will suffice while you are in the last week of preparation for the law exam.”

Rajendra Khadav recommends taking atleast one mock test on every alternate day for a week before taking CLAT.


What more do I need to do in the 7 days before taking CLAT?

Experts advise a number of activities in the last 7 days before taking CLAT, from reading newspapers to sparing time for relaxing. Ashwin Madhvan, Co-Founder and Director of Enhelion Knowledge Ventures says, “Aspirants should continue reading atleast three English newspapers a day including The Hindu and The Indian Express. This will help them in a number of ways including in improving vocabulary for English section and facts for Current Affairs section.”

Rajneesh Singh suggests candidates should take time out from their busy preparation schedule in the last week so that they can relax and revise afresh.


Experts also suggest CLAT aspirants play online games or indulge in online painting using a mouse which on one hand will help them in relaxing and on the other help in controlling the mouse for Online CLAT.


Tips for taking Online CLAT

The CLAT experts have suggested some measures for taking online CLAT. They are as follows–

  1. Be open to newer kind of questions

  2. Watch News regularly including NDTV, BBC and CNN channels

  3. Time management plays a major role in cracking the exam

  4. Revise as much as you can

  5. Have faith in your preparation

  6. Be aware and make full use of all links/ buttons. If there is a doubt with any feature of your testing platform, ask your invigilator (e.g. what does ‘mark for review’ mean?)

CLAT 2017 will be held in online mode and as many as 44,565 applicants will be appearing in law entrance exam for a total of 2312 five-year integrated undergraduate seats.


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