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Top 5 CLAT Coaching in Kota with Fees Structure

Top 5 CLAT Coaching in Kota with Fees Structure

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CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) is a national-level entrance exam for admission into participating National Law Universities (NLUs) and affiliated colleges. The scores in Common Law Admission Test and Common Law Admission Test PG are also used by public sector companies in India to recruit for legal positions, including ONGC, Coal India, BHEL, Steel Authority of India, Oil India, and others. Candidates who pass the exam will be qualified to apply to the 5-year integrated LLB and LLM programs offered by the participating national law universities.

Top CLAT Coaching Institutes in Kota with Fees Structure

Institute nameFeesAddressEmail/ Contact
Resonance Commerce and CLATRs. 27132 + GST p.a.

J - 2 Jawahar Nagar Kota (RAJ.) - 324005


N/ARajora Complex, Chhawani Main Rd, Chawani, Kota, Rajasthan 324007

Commerce Hub CLAT Coaching

N/A2,3,4 – C, SFS, Talwandi, Kota,

Career Institute of Commerce & Accounts CLAT Coaching

N/ASFS Colony Road, 1-C-8, Sheela Choudhary Rd, Talwandi, Kota, Rajasthan
Career Launcher (Online classes )Rs 52234Online9958-760-011

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How to Choose CLAT Coaching in Kota

There are a few crucial elements to consider when evaluating the best CLAT coaching in Kota Rajasthan with the best CLAT Coaching rates and choosing the best among them. Here is a checklist to help you choose the best CLAT Coaching Institute:-


Tutors can assist in the teaching of difficult subjects and the clearing of doubts. For proper assistance, it is vital to ensure the quality of the faculty in terms of language competency and a sufficient quantity of experience in CLAT coaching.

● Infrastructure

A coaching institute's most significant feature is the healthy studious environment it provides. It's critical to have essentials and infrastructure at a favourable location.

● Course Content

It is necessary to confirm if the course content corresponds to the criteria used by the CLAT exam. Getting a general notion of the syllabus covered by alumni or administrators will give you a good idea.

● Past Results

Consistency in results and average student performance over time must be taken into account. Institutes frequently display their success percentages, and it is critical to double-check these figures.

● Value for money

The number of hours of coaching each week is a useful metric for determining the price charged. Other factors include the availability of online and offline course materials, the opportunity to repeat sessions, and the total length of the course.

● Time to travel and lodging options near the Coaching Institute

Choosing a distant institute can result in time spent travelling. If the distance is a big barrier to attending a top-tier university, reasonable lodging options and pricing in the vicinity must be addressed.

● Competitive TEST Series

Sectional examinations and simulated tests can be used to assess one's CLAT readiness. This is necessary so that a candidate may determine which areas demand greater attention.

● Online Resources

An added benefit is that you can prepare at home with the help of recorded sessions on the website or app. Students who want to redo a topic in their spare time can do so by pressing a button.

● Doubt Sessions

The institute should allow students to come in for doubt sessions or to repeat lessons. A faculty member's availability must be communicated in advance.

● Special attention to Interview Rounds

In addition to CLAT preparation, the institute must prepare students for interview rounds, group discussions, and any other screening process they may face. This will assist them in gaining admission to the college for which they have qualified.

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Best Books for CLAT 2025 Preparation
This ebook provides section wise books for effective preparation and also contains the list of books recommended by previous CLAT toppers.
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Reasons to opt for CLAT Coaching Classes.

Every applicant preparing for the CLAT exam must select the best Kota CLAT coaching classes because the number of people wishing to take the CLAT exam grows with each passing year. During this time, pupils who have not received adequate training will find it extremely difficult to pass the exam and achieve their objectives.

Students require specialized instruction, appropriate resources, direction, motivation, and other factors to emerge from this competitive fear environment and stress. Students that attend training institutes get a higher rank without adding more stress and pressure to their lives.

Here's how the greatest CLAT exam coaching in Kota may improve your chances and help you improve your game:-

  • Because the CLAT exam is competitive, proper assistance is essential.
  • Coaching for the CLAT might help you become more consistent and reliable.
  • Regular CLAT courses with like-minded classmates make the grind easier to bear.
  • Expert coaching from teachers at coaching institutes can work wonders in assisting you in preparing for the CLAT.
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Top CLAT Coaching Institutes Highlights

The finer the coaching, the more likely you are to succeed. Each student, on the other hand, has their own set of criteria. So make sure you pick the best CLAT tutoring in Kota for you based on the faculty's experience, course fees, distance from your house, and your individual CLAT strengths and weaknesses.

With so many coaching institutes in the city, deciding on the best centre with the best facilities. The correct CLAT study guide, on the other hand, can help a student get into the college of their dreams, and therefore serve as a stepping stone to a successful career.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Why are NLU fees so high?

The goal of national law universities (NLUs) was to increase the quality of the bar and bench and generate better attorneys and judges. Because governments do not sponsor NLUs, they are primarily self-sufficient and charge a high fee.

2. What is the application fee for the CLAT exam?

The application fee for the CLAT is Rs. 4000/-

3. What is the mode of the CLAT exam?

CLAT is conducted offline. 

4. What is the exam duration?

CLAT is conducted for 2 hours. 


Certifications By Top Providers

Sr.Secondary History 315
Via National Institute of Open Schooling
Introduction to Bioethics
Via Georgetown University, Washington
Geography XII Part-II
Via National Council of Educational Research and Training
Fashion Values Society
Via London College of Fashion, London
 151 courses
 143 courses
 73 courses
 48 courses

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Questions related to CLAT

Have a question related to CLAT ?

Hello Yashita,

Since you're in Class 11 and aiming for CLAT UG 2026, you have a good amount of time to develop a strong foundation for the exam. Here are some tips to help you prepare for CLAT UG 2026 alongside your Class 11 studies:

Develop a Study Plan:

  • Balance: Create a balanced study plan that allocates time for both CLAT preparation and Class 11 subjects. Start with smaller chunks of dedicated CLAT study time and gradually increase as you get closer to the exam.

  • Consistency: Consistency is key.  Even 30-45 minutes of focused CLAT preparation daily can be more effective than sporadic cramming sessions.

Focus on Building Core Skills:

  • Reading Comprehension: Make reading a habit. Read newspapers, magazines, and articles from reliable sources. Practice comprehending complex passages and identifying key information.

  • Analytical & Logical Reasoning: Solve puzzles, play logic games (Sudoku, chess), and attempt practice questions to sharpen your analytical and logical thinking skills.

  • Vocabulary Building: Actively improve your vocabulary by learning new words daily. Use flashcards, mnemonics, or online resources to aid memorization.
  • Legal Awareness: Start familiarizing yourself with basic legal concepts and legal terminology. You can find introductory legal resources online or in libraries.

Utilize Resources:

  • NCERT Textbooks: While not specifically designed for CLAT, NCERT textbooks, particularly for English and Social Sciences, can strengthen your foundational knowledge in these areas.

  • CLAT Preparation Books: Purchase well-regarded CLAT preparation books to access practice questions, mock tests, and explanations for different CLAT sections.
  • Online Resources: Utilize free and paid online resources like practice tests, video lectures, and study materials for focused preparation.

    I hope this answer helps you. If you have more queries then feel free to share your questions with us we will be happy to assist you.

    Thank you and wishing you all the best for your CLAT preparation.

Hy aspirant,

Yes, you can definitely prepare for the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) exams through self-study.

Here are some book recommendations and tips that may help you :-

  • Legal Aptitude for the CLAT and LLB Examinations by AP Bhardwaj.
  • Objective General Knowledge" by Lucent Publication.
  • Wren & Martin High School English Grammar and Composition.

Stay updated with current events, especially those related to legal and constitutional matters.

Read newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, and magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan for current affairs.

Participate in online forums and discussion groups for CLAT aspirants to clarify doubts and exchange study tips.

Hey there,

Your question is incomplete and it doesn't have proper information as you haven't mentioned name of the exam you are looking for and due to the lack of this information it is difficult to answer your question. So I will request you to share your queries with all the proper and specific detail so that we can help you with your questions.

Please send your query again with the specific details and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you and wishing you all the best for your future.

Hello aspirant,

On July 7, 2024, the Consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs) will publish the CLAT 2025 announcement in a variety of print and digital media. The CLAT 2025 exam date was previously announced by the consortium on May 6. The notice states that the offline CLAT exam 2025 will take place on December 1. Candidates who meet the requirements and would like to participate in CLAT 2025 can register online and submit their applications at, the official website.

For more information you can visit our website by clicking on the link given below.

Thank you

Hope this information helps you.

If you remember registering for CLAT 2024, you should have received a confirmation email or message containing your application number. It might also be available on your account dashboard if you created one on the CLAT website

The admit card for CLAT 2024 (if applicable) likely won't be available yet. Admit cards are typically released a few weeks before the exam. You'll need your CLAT application number and password to download it from the official CLAT website

I hope it helps!

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Option: 1


Option: 2


Option: 3


Option: 4


125 toffees cost Rs. 75, Find the cost of one million toffees if there is a discount of 40% on the selling price for this quantity.


Option: 1


Option: 2

Rs. 3,20,000

Option: 3


Option: 4


14. Find the present value (in Rs.) of Rs.3000 due after 5 years at 10% p.a. simple interest.

Option: 1


Option: 2


Option: 3


Option: 4


24. Raju took a loan at 8% per annum simple interest for a period of 5 years. At the end of five years he paid Rs.10640 to clear his loan. How much loan did he take?

Option: 1


Option: 2


Option: 3


Option: 4


'A' carelessly left an iron pole across a public road 300 m from that spot was a traffic signal indicating speed limit to be 20 kmph. B, riding a scooter at 80 kmph, noticed the protrusion from a distance, but still could not avoid it, collided with the pole and was injured. In an action by B against A.

Option: 1

B will lose as he was driving very fast

Option: 2

B will lose for some other reasons

Option: 3

B will succeed, because A was careless

Option: 4

B will succeed, because A could have avoided the mishap by putting up a warning

'A' was having a get together with his old friends and on his friend's suggestions, he consumed some alcohol. On his way back to home at night, 'A' heard some footsteps and turning back, he imagined he saw a figure moving towards him with a spear. In fact, it was only a man, 'B' with an umbrella, who was telling 'A' to walk carefully since 'A' appeared to be unsteady. However, 'A' proceeded to attack 'B' with an iron rod leading to grave injuries to 'B'. Is 'A' guilty of causing grievous hurt to 'B'?

Option: 1

No, 'A' is not guilty because in his intoxicated state, the umbrella appeared a spear to him and he exercised his right of private defence.

Option: 2

No, 'A' is not guilty because 'B' could have attacked 'A' with his umbrella

Option: 3

No, 'A' is not guilty because he was intoxicated on the suggestions of his friends and was incapable of knowing that he was savagely attacking a man, who was carrying only an umbrella

Option: 4

Yes, 'A' is guilty because he got intoxicated voluntarily and under the effect of this voluntary intoxication, he attacked and caused grievous injuries to 'B' who posed no threat to him in fart

'A"s cattle was being regularly stolen and 'A' was unable to apprehend the thief. One night, 'A' finally manages to catch 'B' untying his cow from the cowshed under the cover of darkness. 'A' slowly crept up to 'B' and slashed his neck with a sickle leading to the death of 'B' Is 'A' guilty of the offence of culpable homicide?

Option: 1

No, 'A' was only exercising his right of private defence of property

Option: 2

No, 'B' continued stealing of his cattle would have rendered his business inoperable

Option: 3

Yes, 'A' had no reasonable apprehension that 'A' could suffer any grievous hurt if he did not kill 'B'

Option: 4

Yes, 'A' should have first challenged 'B' to surrender before taking any steps to cause 'B's death

A, a 15 year old girl, having been rebuked by her mother leaves her house. At railway station she met the accused who takes her to his house. He provides her clothes, money and ornaments at his house and has sexual intercourse with the girl with her consent. What offence has been committed?

Option: 1

The mother is accused of maltreatment.

Option: 2

The accused is guilty of rape.  

Option: 3

The accused is not guilty.

Option: 4

None of the above.

A, a 15 year old girl, left her mother’s house and joined the accused because her mother has turned down the proposal of her marriage with the accused on the ground that she was too young. While she was with the accused he had sexual intercourse with her against her will. What offence has been committed?

Option: 1 None

Option: 2 None

Option: 3 None

Option: 4 None

A, a chain snatcher, forcibly pulled the ear rings from the ears of an old lady. Both the ear lobes were torn and the old lady suffered pain and suffering for over three weeks. For what offence can A be prosecuted? What offence have been committed?

Option: 1

He is guilty of theft.

Option: 2

A is guilty of voluntarily causing ‘grievous hurt’.

Option: 3

He is guilty of rash and negligent.

Option: 4

None of the above.

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